Engaging Others

Do-It-Yourself Ideas & Tips for Planning Events and Getting Publicity

Getting involved in bird conservation is not necessarily a solo endeavor! If you are a member of a local bird or garden club or community organization, or if you manage a nature center or other community gathering place, consider hosting or organizing a bird-themed special event.

We have tips for you in these pages about how to plan an event, get publicity and leverage partnerships with other organizations to get the most from your efforts to benefit you and birds.

Here are some activities you might consider. If you already engage in these activities, consider incorporating bird conservation themes and activities into existing events.

  • Host a tour/open house
  • Host a bird walk
  • Make a presentation for a school or community group
  • Plan a habitat restoration project
  • Cohost an World Migratory Bird Day event with a nearby refuge, nature center, zoo, or other conservation organization
  • Encourage parents, teachers, youth groups, and new audiences to participate in these events.

Last Updated: June 19, 2018