Federal Duck Stamp Art Exhibit Tour

where to see art by top wildlife artists - and how to bring it to your location

Would you like to see some of the nation's premier wildlife art in person? Would you like to attract visitors interested in art, conservation and the outdoors to your special event or facility?

The Federal Duck Stamp Art Exhibit Tour brings award-winning original wildlife art to museums, galleries, visitor centers, and festivals, fairs and exhibitions around the country. The exhibit features the top entries as judged in the Federal Duck Stamp Art Contest.

The Junior Duck Stamp Art Tour features art created by talented young people through their participation in a wetlands and wildlife conservation education program.

Both exhibits are available free of charge to any organization that would like to host them.

Where Can I See the Art?

At this time the artwork is not on tour or scheduled for tour prior to July 2021. Please check back for an updated calendar.

Why Host the Exhibit Tour?

If you are hosting a wildlife, conservation, art, or youth education event, consider displaying the exhibit(s) at your site. This is a great way to draw visitors. Hunters, bird watchers, conservationists, artists and stamp collectors buy Federal Duck Stamps and have an interest in seeing the original artwork from which the stamp is made. Teachers, parents, students and supporters of conservation and arts education buy Junior Duck Stamps and have an interest in seeing art by talented youth.

If you would like to host either exhibit at your location or event, it's as simple as as working with the Duck Stamp Office and  submitting an application. (107.6KB)

Details and Measurements

Both exhibits comprise original art (with the exception of the winning Federal Duck Stamp art, which is a high-quality giclee print) from the most recent  Federal Duck Stamp and  Junior Duck Stamp art contests.

Each piece of Federal Duck Stamp art (a total of approximately 15-25 pieces) is 9.5" H x 12" W and is matted and backed with Velcro for easy hanging. The Federal Duck Stamp Office can provide carpeted walls (a 4' H x 6' W table top display or an 8'Hx8'Wx4'D stand-alone) for exhibiting the art.

The Junior Duck Stamp art tour includes approximately 54 11.5" H x 14" W matted pieces of waterfowl artwork. Each piece is fitted with Velcro for display and carpeted walls (8'Hx8'Wx4'D stand-alone) are available from the Federal Duck Stamp Office.

Tour Schedules

The Federal Duck Stamp art tour "year" begins in mid-November, after the Federal Duck Stamp Contest, usually held in late September. The exhibit travels through October of the following year, at which time the art is returned to the artists and the artwork from the most recent contest begins touring.

The Junior Duck Stamp Best of Show art tour year begins following the Junior Duck Stamp Contest in mid-April and tours until April of the following year.

If you would like to reserve the Federal Duck Stamp and/or Junior Duck Stamp art tour exhibit, fill out the  online application (107.6KB) and return it by email or fax (703/358-2282, attention: Federal Duck Stamp Office). If you have any questions, contact the office at 703/358-2145.

While we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fulfill every request, we will work with you to bring the exhibit to your venue.

If you would like to sell Federal or Junior Duck Stamps while the art tour exhibit is at your location or at any time, learn more about our Consignment Program.

For more information about the Federal and Junior Duck Stamp art exhibits, contact Suzanne Fellows at suzanne_fellows@fws.gov.

Last Updated: February 18, 2021