Duck Stamp Information for Stamp Collectors

A Unique and Worthwhile Addition to Your Stamp Album

From hobby collectors to professional philatelists, Americans have for decades treasured Federal Duck Stamps for their colorful and detailed representations of America's migratory waterfowl.

With their more than 80-year history, Federal Duck Stamps are the longest-running single-themed U.S. stamps. Federal Duck Stamps are also unique for the way each year's stamp design is chosen, at an open art contest that is the nation's longest running and only Congressionally mandated wildlife art competition.

While many collectors prefer mint-condition Duck Stamps, others collect items such as stamps on hunting licenses; autographed stamps; plate blocks; stamps signed by hunters; art prints; souvenir cards and first day covers. If you are looking for a holiday gift or want to start a giving tradition, consider buying a Duck Stamp or Duck Stamp product as a gift.

Your Duck Stamp purchase also benefits conservation! Ninety-eight percent of the stamp purchase price is deposited into the Migratory Bird Conservation Fund and, combined with dollars from other sources, is  used to acquire wetlands habitat (101.8KB) for birds and other wildlife on  national wildlife refuges around the country. You can see the results of your Duck Stamp investment at a refuge near you; there is at least one refuge within driving distance of every major city. A current Federal Duck Stamp also gains the bearer free admission into any national wildlife refuge that chanrges an entry fee.

Collectibles for Every Age
Junior Duck Stamps are also increasingly popular with stamp collectors. Created by young artists, Junior Duck Stamps raise money to support a unique conservation education program that combines science, technology and visual arts to teach principles of wetlands and waterfowl conservation. The Junior Duck Stamp design is also chosen each year at a national art competition.

Where Can I See Duck Stamps?
Stamp collecting is a hobby that can be shared by all. It can teach students about history, geography, culture and art. The  American Philatelic Society is among the organizations that help preserve stamp collecting as part of our nation's history. Consider sharing your hobby with a Scout troop or taking a young person to visit the Smithsonian Institution's  National Postal Museum, which hosts  Glorious Flight: The Jeannette C. Rudy Duck Stamp Collection.

Stamp and conservation related activities for students can also be found in the Junior Duck Stamp curriculum guides.

How Much is My Collection Worth?
To find out how much your older Duck Stamps are worth, contact a stamp dealer. The  National Duck Stamp Collector's Society promotes and encourages collection of Federal and state duck stamps and may be able to help you determine stamp value. Or, to find a stamp dealer in your area, search in the  Yellow Pages or search online for "duck stamp dealer". The Federal Duck Stamp Office cannot provide information on stamp values nor can we recommend particular dealers.

For more information about Federal and Junior Duck Stamps, contact Suzanne Fellows at

Last Updated: December 15, 2017