Duck Stamp Dollars at Work

conserving special places near you

Thank you for buying Federal Duck Stamps and helping to conserve habitat for birds and other wildlife! To see your Duck Stamp dollars at work, get outside and visit a  national wildlife refuge!

For every dollar you spend on Federal Duck Stamps, ninety-eight cents goes directly to purchase vital habitat or acquire conservation easements for protection in the  National Wildlife Refuge System. Since 1934, 6 million acres have been acquired using Federal Duck Stamp revenues. More than 300 national wildlife refuges were  created or have been expanded using Federal Duck Stamp dollars. At least one refuge in nearly every state has benefitted from Duck Stamp dollars.

By law, proceeds from the sale of Federal Duck Stamps are deposited into the  Migratory Bird Conservation Fund, which was established specifically to provide the Department of the Interior with monies to acquire migratory bird habitat.

The  Migratory Bird Conservation Commission oversees the expenditure of Federal Duck Stamp funds and other monies in the fund to purchase and lease wetland habitat. The commission also reviews the use of Federal Duck Stamp dollars to purchase  small natural wetlands and associated uplands for preservation as Waterfowl Production Areas.

You can also find out how many duck stamps have been  sold each year (108.5KB) since 1934 (note, sales figures are not up to the current year due to the fact that individual Duck Stamps are on sale for 3 years).

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Last Updated: September 26, 2018