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Working to Create a World Where Birds and People Thrive

Birds are a part of the balance of nature and are among the most important indicators of the state of the environment. Because birds are sensitive to habitat change, changes in bird populations are often the first indication of environmental problems.

Healthy environments that provide clean air and water, sources of food, healthy plants and safe places to raise young make good homes for birds and other wildlife -- as well as people.

You and your family can be a part of bird conservation in many ways! Be a "citizen scientist" and help scientists answer key questions about birds. Citizen science projects at the local, regional and national level offer many opportunities to participate, in some cases with little or no specialized skills required.

Whether you contribute as a partner in a grant project, engage with local organizations through the Urban Bird Treaty program, or buy a Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation (Duck) Stamp - supporting one of the nation's oldest and most successful conservation programs - YOU have an opportunity to play a crucial role in bird conservation.

Learn more about what we do for birds and their conservation and how you can help.

Last Updated: January 9, 2017