Junior Duck Stamp Gallery

2017-2018 - The 25th Junior Duck Stamp

Artist: Isaac Schreiber, 12
Hometown: Duffield, Va.
Species: Trumpeter swans

What is a Junior Duck Stamp?
The Junior Duck Stamp is a pictorial stamp produced by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to recognize the conservation efforts of young people and support environmental and conservation education programs in the United States. The art competition is the culmination of students' study of waterfowl and wetlands conservation in the classroom, homeschool, or non-formal education setting, often using the Junior Duck Stamp Program educational curriculum.

Isaac Schreiber
Isaac has always loved wildlife and the outdoors. He lives in the country near Duffield, Va., where he enjoys fishing, hunting, hiking, swimming, disc golf and painting waterfowl. He was inspired to enter the Junior Duck Stamp contest by his older brother Timothy, who also has a passion for waterfowl, and entered the contest for years. Isaac placed first in his age group the first time he entered. Encouraged by his success, this year he chose trumpeter swans, wanting to stand out and present a majestic species that isn't typically represented in the contest. He felt confident with his final design, and "Lit Swans" went on to win not only Virginia Best of Show, but the national contest, where he and his family were present. Isaac is thrilled to have the opportunity to support the Junior Duck Stamp program and conservation education, with his beautiful depiction of trumpeter swans gracing the 25th Junior Duck Stamp.


Last Updated: December 15, 2017