Junior Duck Stamp Gallery


Artist: Christine Clayton, 17
Hometown: Sidney, Ohio
Species: Northern pintail

What is a Junior Duck Stamp?
The Junior Duck Stamp is a pictorial stamp produced by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to recognize the conservation efforts of young people and support environmental and conservation education programs in the United States. The art competition is the culmination of students' study of waterfowl and wetlands conservation in the classroom, homeschool, or non-formal education setting, often using the Junior Duck Stamp Program educational curriculum.

Christine Clayton
Christine Clayton began drawing and painting waterfowl and other wildlife at 5. She entered her first Federal Junior Duck Stamp competition in 2003 and has consistently placed well among her peers. Clayton's has repeated state Best of Show wins, along with consecutive third and first place wins in the national contest. At age 17, she looked forward to a future in wildlife art. She is also an, accomplished musician, photographer, and enjoys gardening. She's thankful for the support of her family, friends and fellow artists.


Last Updated: July 2, 2016