Junior Duck Stamp Gallery


Artist: Clark Weaver, 17
Hometown: Harrisburg, Penn.
Species: Hooded mergansers

What is a Junior Duck Stamp?
The Junior Duck Stamp is a pictorial stamp produced by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to recognize the conservation efforts of young people and support environmental and conservation education programs in the United States. The art competition is the culmination of students' study of waterfowl and wetlands conservation in the classroom, homeschool, or non-formal education setting, often using the Junior Duck Stamp Program educational curriculum.

Clark Weaver
At 17 years old, Clark Weaver from Harrisburg, Penn., won the 1994 Junior Duck Stamp Contest with a pair of hooded mergansers. As a student at Central Dauphin High School, Weaver was encouraged by his art teacher, Peggy Grim. As his design shows, male hooded mergansers have bold black and white coloring while females are more camouflaged.


Last Updated: July 2, 2016