Education Resources


Are you interested in learning more about migratory birds? Do you have a question about what we do or how you can be involved in in migratory bird and habitat conservation?

The Migratory Bird Program has several available educational resources tailored for adults, students of all ages, educators, and communities to explore the world of birds.

Bird watching and migratory bird hunting are two popular outdoor activities that we encourage. Attending bird festivals or exploring wildlife habitat on  national wildlife refuge provides you opportunities to see birds and other wildlife in their natural habitat. Students, parents and educators looking for complete curriculum, may be interested in the  Shorebird Sister Schools Programor the Junior Duck Stamp Conservation Program. Communities are encouraged to hold an International Migratory Bird Day event or apply for an Urban Bird Treaty grant.

We have several fact sheets that will give you quick information on a variety of topics. All of these may be downloaded and used to provide handy reference materials. These are updated regularly to provide the latest information.

If you are looking for images, videos, or other media to help illustrate our world of birds, we can direct you to some of the multimedia resources available to you. If you are interested in more technical information about the Migratory Bird Program, we encourage you to learn about our population survey programs, how we manage migratory bird populations, and our guiding conservation laws and regulations.

Get involved and be a partner in migratory bird conservation!

Last Updated: October 1, 2015