Green-winged Teal

Waterfowl Identification

Green-winged Teal, Anas crecca, are the smallest of the dabbling ducks - about the size of a pigeon. The drake has a brownish head with a dark green patch extending back from the eyes. The chest is light brown flecked with brown spots. A white vertical band separates the chest from the gray back and sides. The hen is mottled brown. Both sexes have green wing patches.
Image comparing drake and hen/UISFWS Drake images

Quite hardy—some birds stay as far north as open water is found.

The smallest and one of the most common of our ducks. Their tiny size gives the impression of great speed, but mallards can fly faster. Their flight is often low, erratic, with the entire flock twisting and turning as one unit.

They nest as far north as Alaska, and migrate in all four flyways. Early fall drakes are usually still in full eclipse plumage.

Length: 15"
Weight: 14 oz.

Image comparing fulvous and Black-bellied whistling ducks wings/USFWS


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In Flight
In flight illustration/USFWS In flight illustration/USFWS Flock Pattern

Drakes whistle and twitter; hens have a slight quack.

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