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About the Migratory Bird Program

The Migratory Bird Program works with partners to protect, restore and conserve bird populations and their habitats for the benefit of future generations by:

  • ensuring long-term ecological sustainability of all migratory bird populations,
  • increasing socioeconomic benefits derived from birds,
  • improving hunting and bird watching and other outdoor bird-related experiences, and
  • increasing awareness of the value of migratory birds and their habitats for their aesthetic, ecological, recreational and economic significance.

Among our major roles in bird management and habitat conservation, we conduct surveys; coordinate with public-private bird conservation partnerships; provide matching grants for partner-based conservation efforts; administer conservation laws and develop policies and regulations; and issue permits that allow individuals and organizations to participate in migratory bird conservation in a variety of ways.

We also help educate and engage our nation's youth in wildlife conservation topics and provide resources for parents and educators who want to help their students explore and appreciate our natural world and our feathered friends.

There are many ways that you can be involved in bird conservation! Buy a Federal Duck Stamp or Junior Duck Stamp, participate in a community citizen science project, mentor a child interested in learning to hunt, or simply grab your binoculars and step outside to watch birds in your backyard or at a park or  national wildlife refuge.

This short video gives an overview of the Migratory Bird Program and the work we do conserving America’s birds for present and future generations.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Migratory Bird Program

Physical & mailing address:
5275 Leesburg Pike, MS-MB
Falls Church, VA 22041-3803
Telephone: 703/358-1714 or -1769; fax 703/358-2217 or -2272

Assistant Director’s Office
Name Title Phone Office Email
Jerome Ford Assistant Director 202/208-1050 Washington, DC  
Delores Bigby Secretary 202/208-1050 Washington, DC delores_bigby@fws.gov
Noah Matson Deputy Assistant Director   Falls Church, VA  


National Aviation Management
Name Title Phone Office Email
Anthony Lascano National Aviation Manager 571/213-3021 Boise, ID anthony_lascano@fws.gov
Nathan Denman Regional Aviation Specialist (West) 208/387-5924 Boise, ID nathan_denman@fws.gov
Christopher Greeley National Aviation Operations Specialist 208/387-5907 Boise, ID christopher_greeley@fws.gov
Thomas Greil National Aviation Training Specialist 208/387-5907 Boise, ID thomas_greil@fws.gov
Anthony Muralt Regional Aviation Specialist (East) 208/387-5246 Boise, ID anthony_muralt@fws.gov
Lee Sherman National Aviation Safety Specialist 208/387-5907 Boise, ID lee_sherman@fws.gov


Name Title Phone Office Email
Brima Battle Visual Information Specialist 703/358-1923 Falls Church, VA brima_battle@fws.gov
Valerie Fellows Communication Coordinator 703/358-2285 Falls Church, VA valerie_fellows@fws.gov
Christopher Deets Outreach & Education Coordinator 703/358-2109 Falls Church, VA christopher_deets@fws.gov


Business Operations and Program Support
Name Title Phone Office Email
Dan Patterson Branch Chief 703/358-2630 Falls Church, VA dan_patterson@fws.gov
Cory Bohner Administrative Support Assistant 208/387-5515 Boise, ID corbin_bohner@fws.gov
Colleen Holland Finance Manager 703/358-2180 Falls Church, VA colleen_holland@fws.gov
Allison Mitchell Receptionist 703/358-2325 Falls Church, VA allison_mitchell@fws.gov
Celisa Riley Administrative Officer 703/358-2274 Falls Church, VA celisa_riley@fws.gov
Patricia Stover Administrative Officer 301/497-5581
Laurel, MD
Falls Church, VA
Shay White Program Support Specialist 207/581-3035 Orono, ME Shay_white@fws.gov


Division of Migratory Bird Management

Name Title Phone Office Email
Ken Richkus Division Chief 703/358-1780 Falls Church, VA ken_richkus@fws.gov


National Raptor Program
Name Title Phone Office Email
Brian Millsap National Raptor Coordinator 505/761-4724 Albuquerque, NM brian_a_millsap@fws.gov
Emily Bjerre Fish & Wildlife Biologist 301/497-5903 Laurel, MD emily_bjerre@fws.gov
Paige Howell Population Ecologist   Laurel, MD paige_howell@fws.gov
Mark Otto Biometrician 301/497-5872 Laurel, MD mark_otto@fws.gov
Joel Pagel Raptor Ecologist 505/850-4721 Sturgeon Bay, WI joel_pagel@fws.gov
Hillary White Wildlife Biologist 303/236-4770 Lakewood, CO hillary_white@fws.gov
Guthrie Zimmerman Population Ecologist 301/497-5744 Sacramento, CA guthrie_zimmerman@fws.gov


Flyway Representatives and Staff
Name Title Phone Office Email
Pat Devers Atlantic Flyway Representative 301/497-5549 Laurel, MD patrick_devers@fws.gov
Tony Roberts Wildlife Biologist - Atlantic Flyway 802/342-4926 Pittsford, VT anthony_roberts@fws.gov
James Dubovsky Central Flyway Representative 303/275-2386 Lakewood, CO james_dubovsky@fws.gov
Dave Scott Mississippi Flyway Representative 612/597-2131 Oak Harbor, OH david_scott@fws.gov
David Fronczak Wildlife Biologist-Mississippi Flyway 612/713-5411 Bloomington, MN dave_fronczak@fws.gov
Todd Sanders Pacific Flyway Representative 360/604-2556 Vancouver, WA todd_sanders@fws.gov
Steve Olson Wildlife Biologist-Pacific Flyway 360/604-2555 Vancouver, WA steve_olson@fws.gov


DMBM - Branch of Conservation, Permits, and Regulations
Name Title Phone Office Email
Eric Kershner Branch Chief 703/358-2376 Falls Church, VA eric_kershner@fws.gov
Steve Earsom Wildlife Biologist 301/980-8711 Falls Church, VA stephen_earsom@fws.gov
Greg Fleming Biologist 703/358-2391 Falls Church, VA gregory_fleming@fws.gov
Joelle Gehring Biologist 989/400-0718 Falls Church, VA joelle_gehring@fws.gov
Lesley Kordella Wildlife Biologist 703/358-1963 Falls Church, VA lesley_kordella@fws.gov
Bahareh Madani ePermits Technician 703/358-2465 Falls Church, VA bahareh_madani@fws.gov
Jennifer Miller National Permits Policy Lead 503/231-2266 Falls Church, VA jennifer_miller@fws.gov
Meghan C. Sadlowski Biologist 703/358-2218 Falls Church, VA meghan_sadlowski@fws.gov


Branch of Monitoring and Data Management
Name Title Phone Office Email
Kathleen Fleming Branch Chief 301/497-5902 Laurel, MD kathy_fleming@fws.gov
Christopher Cain Seasonal Bio-Tech 530/365-8622 Anderson, CA christopher_cain@fws.gov
Stephanie Catino Speciator Bio-Tech 301/497-5992 Laurel, MD stephanie_catino@fws.gov
Tommy Ceaser Survey Clerk 301/497-5991 Laurel, MD tommy_ceaser@fws.gov
Stephen Chandler Wildlife Biologist 301/395-6448 Onalaska, WI stephen_chandler@fws.gov
Susane Finucane Secretary 301/497-5980 Laurel, MD susane_finucane@fws.gov
Lamar Heckstall Survey Clerk 301/497-5989 Laurel, MD lamar_heckstall@fws.gov
Pam Mathias Lead Survey Clerk 301/497-5990 Laurel, MD pam_mathias@fws.gov
Kyle Point Speciator Bio-Tech   Hartford, KS kyle_point@fws.gov
Robert V. Raftovich Wildlife Biologist 301/497-5984 Laurel, MD robert_raftovich@fws.gov
Rebecca Rau Wildlife Biologist 301/497-5862 Laurel, MD rebecca_rau@fws.gov
Emily Silverman Biometrician 301/497-5801 Laurel, MD emily_silverman@fws.gov
Nathan Zimpfer Population Ecologist 301/497-5869 Laurel, MD nathan_zimpfer@fws.gov


Branch of Migratory Bird Surveys
Name Title Phone Office Email
Mark Koneff Branch Chief 301/980-0125 Orono, ME mark_koneff@fws.gov
Terry Liddick Wildlife Biologist (Pilot) 301/497-5901 Spearfish, SD terry_liddick@fws.gov
Brian Lubinski Wildlife Biologist (Pilot) 612/616-5978 Bloomington, MN brian_lubinski@fws.gov
John Rayfield Wildlife Biologist (Pilot) 615/736-5532 Nashville, TN john_rayfield@fws.gov
Walter Rhodes Wildlife Biologist (Pilot) 301/497-5880 Bend, OR walter_rhodes@fws.gov
Robert Spangler Wildlife Biologist (Pilot) 303/275-2391 Lakewood, CO rob_spangler@fws.gov
Phil Thorpe Wildlife Biologist (Pilot) 303/275-2358 Lakewood, CO phil_thorpe@fws.gov
Garrett Wilkerson Wildlife Biologist (Pilot) 612/713-5352 Bloomington, MN garrett_wilkerson@fws.gov
James Wortham Wildlife Biologist (Pilot) 301/497-5882 Crystal River, FL jim_wortham@fws.gov
Sarah Yates Wildlife Biologist (Pilot) 301/708-9705 Orono, ME sarah_yates@fws.gov


Branch of Assessment and Decision Support
Name Title Phone Office Email
Vacant Branch Chief      
Scott Boomer Wildlife Biologist 301/497-5970 Laurel, MD scott_boomer@fws.gov
Josh Dooley Goose Specialist 360/604-2553 Vancouver, WA joshua_dooley@fws.gov
Pamela Garrettson Wildlife Biologist 301/497-5865 Laurel, MD pam_garrettson@fws.gov
Frank Rivera Wildlife Biologist 301/497-5669 Laurel, MD frank_rivera@fws.gov
Mark Seamans Wildlife Biologist 301/497-5866 Lakewood, CO mark_seamans@fws.gov
John Yeiser Population Ecologist   Laurel, MD john_yeiser@fws.gov


Division of Bird Habitat Conservation

Name Title Phone Office Email
Kari Duncan Division Chief 703/358-2464 Falls Church, VA kari_duncan@fws.gov


Grants Branch
Name Title Phone Office Email
Justin Markey Branch Chief (703)358-2007 Falls Church, VA justin_markey@fws.gov
Lauren Bailey NAWCA US Grant Administrator   Falls Church, VA lauren_bailey@fws.gov
Guy Foulks NMBCA Grant Coordinator, NAWCA Policy 703/358-1944 Falls Church, VA guy_b_foulks@fws.gov
Andrea Grosse NMBCA Grant Administrator, NAWCA Small and Mexico Coordinator Grant Administrator 703/358-2472 Falls Church, VA andrea_grosse@fws.gov
Rodecia McKnight NAWCA US Grant Administrator, NAWCA Small Grant Coordinator 703/358-2266 Falls Church, VA rodecia_mcKnight@fws.gov
Douglas Phillips NAWCA US Grant Administrator 703/358-2189 Cedar Park, TX douglas_phillips@fws.gov
Anya Rushing NAWCA Small Grant Administrator 703/358-2032 Logan, Utah anya_rushing@fws.gov
Stacy Sanchez NMBCA & NAWCA Program Support 703/358-2017 Falls Church, VA stacy_sanchez@fws.gov
Rachel Sullivan GIS/Data Steward 703/358-2621 Falls Church, VA rachel_sullivan@fws.gov
Nicole Virella - Maldonado NAWCA US Grant Administrator 703/358-1781 Falls Church, VA nicole_virella@fws.gov


Science & Planning
Name Title Phone Office Email
David Gordon Branch Chief 703/358-2025 Falls Church, VA david_gordon@fws.gov
Brad Andres National Shorebird Coordinator 303/275-2324 Lakewood, CO brad_andres@fws.gov
Roxanne Bogart Urban Bird Treaty City Program Coordinator 413/253-8582 Hadley, MA roxanne_bogart@fws.gov
Bob Ford Partners in Flight Coordinator 703/358-2317 Falls Church, VA robert_p_ford@fws.gov


Federal Duck Stamp Office
Name Title Phone Office Email
Suzanne Fellows Duck Stamp Program Coordinator 703/358-2145 Falls Church, VA suzanne_fellows@fws.gov
Jennifer Chin Management and Program Analyst 703/358-2457 Falls Church, VA Jennifer_chin@fws.gov


All permits are issued by our Regional Permit Officies.

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