Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial 1916-2016

Welcome to the Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial “Nestbox”!

We call this a Nestbox because, of course, the word evokes bird imagery. However, this collection of resources truly does feature the best characteristics of a nestbox for birds.

Like a good nestbox, it is solidly built – these documents and resources have been reviewed by a national team of Service employees and partners. Like nestboxes that have holes of different sizes to provide entrance for different bird species, these tools are meant to be useful for many different partners, events and activities. The key messages, sample documents, graphics and templates can be adapted with information and messages specific to your program, organization or event.

Finally, a well-constructed and well-situated nestbox contributes to migratory bird conservation by providing a safe haven for birds. These materials are intended to support your efforts as you celebrate the Migratory Bird Treaty Centennial – an opportunity to contribute to bird conservation by creating awareness, promoting key actions, increasing support, and expanding opportunities for engagement in migratory bird conservation - and to look ahead to the future of bird conservation.

We will continue to update the resources here and to add new ones. Do you have questions or feedback on the Nestbox? Are there other tools you would find useful as you launch your own Centennial activities? Contact us! MBTreaty100@fws.gov.


Centennial Overview & Contacts
National Centennial Framework; target audiences; regional Centennial contact information & links to regional Centennial websites

Educational Products
Fact sheets & other informational publications; activities, educational curricula

Interactive Timeline
Important dates in migratory bird conservation history

Messages & Talking Points
Key messages; talking points; speech tips & soundbytes

Newsletters and Other Publications
Links to USFWS and partner publications, how to subscribe to the Centennial list serv

Partnerships & Special Events
Tips for building partnerships; ideas for Centennial events; how to get a proclamation from your local government; how to get publicity for your event

Presentations & Additional Materials
Centennial overview and other slide decks; audience-specific materials

Promotional Products, Templates & Graphics
Official Centennial graphics, posters, banners & cards; customizable templates; and style guides for their use

Public Domain Photos
Bird and bird habitat images; audio & video available online

Social Media
Links to social media platforms

Treaties & Historical Information
Reference copies of the Migratory Bird treaties and other historical documents of interest

Historic and modern bird-related videos

Migratory Birds: A Brief Conservation History

 Migratory Birds: A Brief Conservation History

Last Updated: June 28, 2016