A total of $1.99 million in funding was approved for the following 2 projects in June 2010. Project partners are contributing $4.09 million in matching funds and $577,000 in nonmatching funds to affect acres of habitat. These projects are considered part of the Fiscal Year 2010/Window 3 grants cycle. This information is accurate as of the date of approval. For further information about specific grant projects, please contact the grantee listed in individual project summaries. Project Summary Table.

Project: Redwood Coast Wetlands Project.
Location: Humboldt and Del Norte counties.
Congressional District: 1.
Grantee: Ducks Unlimited, Inc.
Contact: Mark Biddlecomb, mbiddlecomb@ducks.org.
Partners: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; Ducks Unlimited, Inc.; Alexandre Family EcoDairy Farms; California Department of Fish and Game; California State Coastal Conservancy; California Wildlife Conservation Board; Del Norte Resource Conservation District; Friends of the Dunes; Humboldt County; Humboldt County Resource Conservation District; Nehalem Marine Manufacturing; National Fish and Wildlife Foundation; Palmer Westbrook, Inc.; Private Landowner; Tedson and Son Dairy; Wetherell Ranch, Inc.
Approved: June 2010.
Grant: $999,686.
Matching Funds: $2,095,279.
Nonmatching Funds: $270,000.
Joint Venture Region: Pacific Coast.
Flyway: Pacific.
BCR: 5.
The objectives of the Redwood Coast Wetlands Project are to increase the acreage and diversity of wetland types available for migration, nesting, and wintering wetland dependent birds; improve the quality of existing wetland types; and encourage community involvement in wetlands and associated upland restoration and enhancement. Projects include restoring tidal estuarine wetlands along the Salt River in the Eel River estuary; restoring approximately 2,600 feet of riparian habitat on Salmon Creek on the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge by re-establishing channel complexity and creating floodplain wetlands; installing and replacing fencing to control grazing on the California Department of Fish and Game’s Lake Earl Wildlife Area; eradicating dwarf eelgrass from shallow mudflats and native eelgrass beds within Humboldt Bay and Eel River delta; restoring estuarine wetlands by eradicating invasive cordgrass on the Humboldt Bay NWR; and restoring coastal dune ecosystems through removal of invasive plant species to restore dynamic dune processes.
Project: Glacial Habitat Restoration Area Phase V.
Location: Columbia, Dodge, Fond du Lac and Winnebago counties
Congressional District: 2,6,9.
Grantee:Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.
Contact: Wade Oehmichen, wade.oehmichen@wisconsin.gov.
Partners: Pheasants Forever; City of Waupun; Dow AgroSciences; Jefferson County Land Trust; Bohn Farms; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
Approved: June 2010.
Grant: $1,000,000.
Matching Funds: $2,000,654.
Nonmatching Funds: $307,000.
Joint Venture Region: Upper Mississippi River and Great Lakes Region.
Flyway: Mississippi.
BCR: 22.
The Glacial Habitat Restoration Area project is a landscape-scale approach to habitat management that incorporates a patchwork of wetlands and grasslands with cropland.  The result is to create habitat conditions that are more favorable for self-sustaining wildlife populations in southern Wisconsin. The goal of the partners involved in the GHRA program is to reverse wetland loss and degradation and increase the populations of wetland and grassland dependent species such as LeConte’s, Henslow’s and grasshopper sparrow.  This grant was awarded under the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative / North American Wetlands Conservation Act Grants Program, administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, a Department of the Interior agency.  The grant was funded by the President’s 2010 Budget, which provided $475 million for the Environmental Protection Agency-led, interagency Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.   A portion of those funds were provided to the North American Wetlands Conservation Fund for priority wetland habitat projects.
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