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Friday, April 12, 2013

Last week - the great students and teachers from Green Acres Elementary stopped by the Refuge and we had a great bus tour around our Auto Loop.  No one can say it better than the kids themselves - so we're posting many of their own thoughts of what the visit and the Refuge meant to them. ENJOY!

Bird Refuge Reflections by the 4th graders from Green Acres Elem.

            When we went to the Bird Refuge one of my favorite things was on the way there we got to drive on the freeway with our windows open. I liked to wave at the people in the cars next to us, and we played games and made up silly stories. When we got there we watched a really cool short movie about the refuge. Then we talked about birds and asked questions. Something I learned is that the Marsh Wren can sew twigs together and make lots of nests to impress the girl Marsh Wren so they can choose their own nest that they like. I thought we had a really fun time and I would like to go again sometime.    by: Megan

I liked the trip to the refuge. I liked watching the movie and the bird noises that our tour guide made. My two favorite birds would be the pelican and the American Avocet. I like the pelican’s big bill and I think they look cute. I like the American Avocet because its beak looks upside down and I like that it’s kind of like a peachy color.

            I like the marsh wren because it makes 10 to 15 houses for a girl to choose which house she likes. I also like grebe because they swim under the water and dance. I think the trip to the refuge was good and bad because our bus kind of broke down but we still got to see lots of birds.

by Daisy

Something I liked about the Bird Refuge is looking at all of the cool birds. They have a lot of amazing birds. I learned a about many things.  Two of my favorite birds are the Grebe because I like how they look and how they dance under water. Another one of my favorites is the Marsh Wren. It makes a lot of nests to impress the female. Also they make a type writing sound .A habitat I learned about is around cattails and tall grass. It was fun seeing all of the birds and that the bus broke down.  My feelings are that the Bird Refuge is fun.    By Lauren


            Something I liked about our trip to the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge was when our bus broke down and we got in a new bus. My 2 favorite birds were the Tundra Swan and the Great Blue Heron. I liked the Tundra Swan because I liked the color. I liked the Great Blue Heron because it was pretty. An adaption I leaned about is a Western Grebe goes underwater like a submarine to hide. I loved the trip and I’d like to go there again.

                                    By Olivia

            Something I learned was that Bald Eagles sometimes eat American Coots.  My two favorite birds are Bald Eagles and Snowy Owls. These are my favorite birds because they are big and have cool colors. Pelicans have pouches that hold all the fish that they scoop up. My feelings about the trip I think it was cool to see all the birds.



            I liked the Bird Refuge because we got to see all the birds. I learned that Pelicans are big but are not heavy. My two favorite birds are the Pelican and the red winged black bird. I like the Pelican because the Pelican’s bill is huge and can catch a lot of fish. I like the Red winged black bird because when you look at them up close they are so beautiful. I really liked the bird Refuge. It was fun to see all of the birds and to learn about all the kinds of birds

By Jaylee

            I loved the fieldtrip because I learned so much about birds. This refuge has a three mile road that lets you see hundreds of birds,   and not all the same type. I saw at least five Great Blue herons two hawks   fifty coots and  much more. You can boat, drive, and hike there. You don`t want to miss the amazing opportunity to go to the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge.

                                                                                                                             By Spencer

I liked all the different birds and how they don’t keep them in trap the birds, they keep them out in the open. I also liked the way that all these different birds come and we can see nature closer and seeing their life and also how they fly. AT lunch I loved the way that Jason {our guide} told us about birds and also that they don’t just have birds they have different animals there too. When we got back on the bus. It started slow and the pedal was broken, so I realized that we could see better then when we were going fast. Then we met a different bus and headed back to the school. My two favorite birds were the Pelican and the Great Blue Heron because they’re beautiful.

By: annastin

When I was at the refuge I learned that birds have to go the bathroom every time because they need to be light when flying. My two favorite birds were Cliff Swallows and Pelicans. I like their adaptions. The Cliff Swallow’s nest is cool. They get mud and they spit with their sticky spit to make I hold. It’s so cool how Pelicans eat they scoop fish in their huge beak. It was great I never knew how cool birds were.                                              


I learned that birds could dive in the water and swim. I liked the colorful birds and how they could dive under water and fly out of water. But they cannot walk on the ground. My favorite bird is the grebe’s because it can dive underwater. They can see fish when they dive. I love the whiteness on the grebe’s neck. And how they are so calm, unlike ducks. They Quack and hank a lot. I know a lot about birds now. I LOVE birds.

By Philesia

            We learned about lots of birds and saw birds that we never saw before. Pelicans and hawks. I like the way the pelicans catch their fish. The hawk was perching on its branch looking for prey. The pelicans adaption is in their beak when the water is Their mouth it drains out of the beak. The hawks habitat cities and deserts. I liked the field trip. It was fun!

By Weston

I learned that a crow sits on a wire and then drops its nut on a cross walk and waits till the red light then hurries and goes down and grabs it. I liked the humming bird because of  how fast and pretty  it is, and I also liked the Marsh Wren because of its unique sound, it sounds like an old typewriter. An adaption I learned about is a grebe, it has legs behind it so it can run on land faster, because it`s a water bird. I really liked this fieldtrip because it was amazing to see all of the birds and wildlife. I liked it when the bus broke down because we got to see more wildlife during the time from lunch to the bathroom. The fieldtrip may have been hot and a little bit boring but it was one of the most amazing fieldtrips I`ve ever been on before in my whole life.

                                                                                             By Sara

            I liked the bird refuge because we got to see lot of pretty birds. My 2 favorite birds are the Tundra Swan and the Great Blue Heron. I liked the Tundra Swan because of its pretty white wings. I liked the Great Blue Heron because of its color.  I leaned that the Great Blue Heron has long legs for standing in the water to catch bugs. I enjoyed the trip and would go there again.

By Sarah

I learned about all sorts of birds like: Yellow headed Black-bird, and the Red winged Black-bird. Those are my favorite birds because the color of them. The Yellow headed Black-bird has a really yellow head. The Red winged Black-bird have red on the top of the wing and yellow on the bottom. They live in grassy areas and not dirty areas. I feel good about learning about them, and I bet they like to eat bug a lot but not all the time. I think they are pretty animals. They fly pretty. I like the way they are, where they live, what they eat, how they look, how they fly over water to get to one big shard of grass to another big shard of grass each time it lands on one. From small to medium to large. It is very cool to watch. I like and know that they are not the best flyers in the world. But they are getting better each day like right now I bet one is flying to get better. They are helpless little animals. They start out not so good.

                                                                 By: Emily

What I liked is when then the bus broke down. I was scared at first because I thought eat I was going  to walk home. I learned the five heaviest birds. One of my favorite bird is the Great Blue Heron because we saw six teen of them. It was blue and gray and had long legs. Another bird I liked is the Grebe. Its cool when he goes under water and dances.  

By Skylie

I liked it when we stopped and saw the cliff swallows nests. My two favorite birds are the       Great Blue Heron, and the red winged black bird. I liked the Great Blue Heron because of its colors and its size.  And the reason I liked the red winged black bird is because of the yellow and red on its wings. Their habitat is very swampy. An adaptation for the Great Blue Heron is to have very long legs so it can stand in the water and catch food.  My feelings about the field trip were it was extremely fun except for the part where the bus broke down.  And they had to bring us a new one. 

By Katelyn

I liked the movie because they were cool birds. I like the Red tailed hawk and the Barn Owl . The Red tailed hawk is a bird of prey and eats during the day.  The barn owl can see better at night. For adaptions the barn owl eats at night.

 By Ares

            I liked the fieldtrip when the bus broke down because we got a longer ride. My favorite birds are the cliff swallow and tree swallow because they make cool nests and because their fast. Some adaptations are feathers hollow bones and beaks I felt scared that we wouldn’t get back on time. And happy to have a long ride.  


            I liked the part when the bus kind of broke down and started going slower than usual. We got to see the birds a lot better than before. I also liked the part when Jason, our guide, was making bird noises. They sounded so real. My two favorite birds are the Great Blue Heron and the Cliff Swallow. They are my favorite birds because they are colorful. The Great Blue Heron is a big, beautiful bird. The Cliff Swallows are always sitting on a stick whenever I see them. It was really cool to learn about the Cliff Swallows’ houses. Their house is really cool. They use mud to make their houses. They have an exciting looking habitat. I felt very surprised how many Red-Winged Black Birds I saw. It was amazing! I was really excited to go on the field trip. I’m glad I went!

                                         By: Korina

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