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Sure Signs of Spring 101

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

With Spring "springing" everywhere outside lately, I thought I'd whip up a quick list of some of the SURE SIGNS OF SPRING around the Refuge right now.

1.  Red-winged blackbird males are singing, showing off their neon epaulets and staking out territories!

2.  Canada geese are pairing up and looking for good nesting habitat.

3.  BUGS!  Bugs are zooming through the air and water again - and not far behind will be bug-eating birds!  Insects hatching are always a great sign of the warmer weather of Spring.

4.  Plants growing and blooming.  Grass is greening; bulbs are burgeoning; trees are budding. Aaaahh

5.  Water begins to flow faster as ice melts, wetlands thaw and rivers and streams almost burst their banks.

6.  WIND!  Spring breezes are important to put many seeds, like the seeds at the end of cattail fluff, into the air to be deposited elsewhere and grow more cattails.

7. And on that wind is also the amazing SMELL of spring - wet earth, decayed leaves, sprouting shrubs... of course, for those of with allergies - this isn't the most exciting of the signs, but it surely is one....AAAAAHHHHCHOOOOOO!

8.  And finally (though I am sure there are many more signs)  the return of migratory birds!  From robins to swallows, cranes to curlews - the return of favorite yard or Refuge birds brings the promise of Spring's return to everyone that sees them.

Happy Birding

 - Jason

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