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International birding

This week's guest "blogger" is Byron Taylor from the UK.


My name is Byron Taylor, 20, and I am visiting the US from England for 3 weeks. I have been to the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge twice during my trip and have thoroughly enjoyed them both.

I am passionate about wildlife and birds in particular, and in the UK I shoot Waterfowl, partake in wildlife photography, and conservation. It was very interesting to see how conservationists and shooters work together and it is something I'd love to see happen in England. It is also great to see such vast amounts of space managed and dedicated to the preservation of birds and other wildlife; which would not be able to happen in the UK due to lack of space. I'd like to thank everyone at the reserve for being helpful and friendly during my visits.

I spoke to Kathi in the visitor centre and she asked if i had a blog for the website, I do not, but i do have a flickr site ( that you may find interesting as it has photos from the reserve on it, and there will be more to come of both the reserve and all the British birds. She mentioned putting my flickr site as a link on the website, which would be great, but either way have a look as you surely are also passionate about wildlife and you may find it interesting to see the birds of England, and correct me if I have made any mistakes on identifying American birds!

Thanks very much,  Byron Taylor.

Thanks, Byron, for the comments and the link to your photos of both the Refuge and other birds from the UK!

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