bearriver Blog: Tern jewelry!

Tern jewelry!

May 5, 2012

WANTED: Reports of Caspian Terns Wearing Jewelry

If you see a Caspian Tern wearing colored leg bands, a research team in Oregon would like to hear from you.  

Jack Binch photographed a Caspian Tern on the refuge on Thursday, May 4 with color-marked leg bands, which can be seen on the Refuge Facebook page.

According to Oregon State University researcher Yasuko Suzuki, the tern was banded as a chick at Crescent Island in the mid-Columbia River (near Pasco, WA) in June 2004. Of the thousands of tern chicks banded since the program’s inception, this is only the second color-marked Caspian Tern sighted in Utah; the first was photographed at the Sandy fishing pond in 2011.

The purpose of the banding project is to study Caspian Tern predation on endangered species of salmon in the Columbia River estuary and plateau as researchers and fish biologists attempt to restore populations of the fish. The research team appreciates any information about their banded birds, and since Caspian Terns nest at Bear River, we’re prime for seeing them.

For more information about the color markings including how to record them, launch the link below: You can report your sightings at with a courtesy copy directly to a project researcher at

And for information on the project, launch this link:

Kristin Purdy

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