bearriver Blog: Cold snap brings more than snow!

Cold snap brings more than snow!

Saturday, October 6

If anyone has been out in northern Utah birding this weekend - you will be feeling the chill!  The cold front has moved in . . . and even though there are many more weeks til Winter, you can certainly feel it's first fingers this morning.  But dont' forget -  the first freeze and chilly winds don't only mean snow and shoveling are on their way;  it also means that winter ducks will be arriving!

Many species of waterfowl prefer the cold - or at least tolerate it well - while migrating through Utah.  Already, the Refuge is seeing huge flocks of Ruddy ducks, American wigeon, American green-winged teal and Northern pintails moving in and through.  And any day now we will start seeing their winter diving mates like Bufflehead, Scaup, Canvasback, Redhead and Ring-necked ducks arriving.  Early cold months can also be excellent time to watch for mergansers of all types moving through...and to watch neighboring "city" ponds for Hoodies and Woodies (Hooded mergansers and Wood ducks). 

Also - arriving soon as the cold spell continues - can be Tundra swans, Bald eagles and Rough-legged hawks!  These species may take a bit longer - appearing when ice-up begins - but there are always "early birds" NOT looking for worms.

So - get out your warmer winter wear, and let us know which arrivals you find!

- Jason

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