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Big Year Birding

January 6, 2012

So, fellow bird-nerds, have you seen THE BIG YEAR film or read the book yet?  Thoughts?  I actually enjoyed the movie more than i expected too.  And - it had an unexpected effect on me (and probably others, as well).  I really would love to DO a big year some day!

That said - to accomplish a true Big Year takes a lot of time and money and I only have some of one and a lot less of the other. (Take your guess)  But then I thought, why not just shoot for the biggest year I can - with the main goals being to enjoy nature and the birds I love so much, to travel a little bit and visit places I've never been, and to share and educate to others - especially youth, about my adventure.

Well, so, I'm doing it!  Durint the holiday break - with the unseasonable weather here in Utah - I got quite a headstart.  I've birded all around the northern part of the state and am very excited about my progress.  It helps to be a birder that also WORKS right here on this amazing Refuge - seeing shrikes and eagles and hawks and harriers all over the place.  But there are so many other great places within 15min. of Perry Nature Park, Mayor's pond, Mantua reservoir and Box Elder campground to name a few. 

So bring on 2012!  It's off to a roaring start.  And if you enjoy birding and get bitten by big year fever like I did...Bear River is a great starting, middle and end point for racking up the species.  Just thinking of 2011 - we had easily over 150 different species stop through...including such rarities as a Eurasian wigeon and a Little Blue heron.

Here's wishing everyone a Happy 2012 and a great year outdoors.

Happy Birding,


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Dan Garber's Gravatar I read the book and really enjoyed it. It will probably be years before the movie ever gets to where I live though. It prompted me to try and take a pelagic trip out of Washington next September. However I am doing a Big Year in the yard this year. That should be interesting. Hope to make it down to Bear River next spring. An awesome place. The first time we were there it was the neatest birding experience I've ever had.
# Posted By Dan Garber | 1/12/12 9:36 PM