bearriver Blog: It's not a's a Grasshopper SPARROW!

It's not a's a Grasshopper SPARROW!

Grasshopper sparrows - grassland birds of North America - are losing their habitat...large, open expanses of native grasslands.  These days their habitat is scarce and so...finding and seeing one of these little birds is becoming more and more rare.  And - hearing them is sometimes also a bit of a in the spring and early summer, the males "song" doesn't much resemble any other bird "song."  It sounds like a tiny, chirruping insect down in the grass..sneaking thru the veg like a mouse instead of jumping up and flying around. 

Over this past spring and summer - it has been exciting to find that we definitely DO have Grasshopper sparrows, in limited numbers, on the grassland portions of the Refuge near our Visitor Center.  We heard at least 5 males singing this spring, and a recent visitor was lucky enough to snap a photo of a one on a nearby fence  post.

So - if you're looking for a challenge...let us know, and stop by and try to see and/or hear this lil grassland rarity that is the Grasshopper sparrow.

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