bearriver Blog: Water recedes to find a new visitor!

Water recedes to find a new visitor!

June 20, 2011

Well . . . it's been a trying several weeks, with high water levels and access to our Auto Tour Route closed, but the water has finally receded to safe levels and the road is OPEN again! 

First off - i want to thank everyone in the birding and general visiting public for their patience.  We tried our best to offer alternative opportunities for birding and visiting while the road closed...including directions to other nearby birding and hiking hotspots,  offering behind-the-gates birding tours and guided walks.  I also hope everyone understands that it was definitely a safety issue and that is why the road was closed.  Not only was there water crossing the road, but it had made the road unsafe in a couple areas...AND - it made fishing very dangerous along the river and canals with very fast moving and turbulent waters. 

As of Friday the 17th - we were able to work with the county and our staff and open the road up again..and in no time, folks were out and enjoying the newly paved road and amazing wildlife along the Auto Tour Route.  And - the star was a Little Blue Heron found on June 19 in the waters just off the county road.  This is definitely a rare record for the Refuge and we were thrilled that he/she showed up just in time for the re-opening of the road! 

We hope everyone gets a chance to get back out on to the Refuge again and enjoy its amazing appeal..and, watch for little ones!  Baby coots, grebes and ducks have been reported.


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