bearriver Blog: Wonders of the Wetlands!

Wonders of the Wetlands!

March 31, 2011

Yesterday and today, we had 4th grade classes from Lewiston visiting as part of our Mountain Wilds to Wetland Wonders environmental education program.  The students were treated to two great days of outdoor fun and learning - especially by our feathered friends!  Sandhill cranes were cooperative - flying and circling above the school kids and providing them with great views of their large wingspans and long legs.  Western meadowlarks continue to sing for territory all along the wetland walk - and this morning, we even had a nice big American white pelican checking out the habitat. (pictured below)   Students, led by staff and volunteers, also learned about macroinvertabrates, water quality in the Bear River watershed, plants and uses by wildlife and native peoples, and much more.  In perfect timing to learn about migration, we had a small group of Bald eagles fly over - circling and soaring on a thermal and moving north along the Wasatch front. And even the Song sparrows helped teach this morning, by teaching about territorial song displays and camoflauged plumage.

American White Pelican

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