bearriver Blog: Even ONE bird can make the day!

Even ONE bird can make the day!

March 18, 2011

Yesterday afternoon, as I walked our Wetland Walk trail here on the Refuge, I was reminded that even one bird...even a common bird...can really make your day.

As spring continues to sneak up on us, the coots and the grebes, the swallows and wrens and shorebirds, keep trickling in.  Some of our local birds (song sparrows, red-winged blackbirds and meadowlarks) are already singing and setting up territories in preparation for hopeful mating and nesting.  It was one of these birds, a Western meadowlark, that made me smile yesterday.

Like a small burst of sun peeking out of the grass, this young male was singing his hear out, and not even me walking by was going to disturb him.  In fact, I couldn't believe his stamina...hardly taking a breath between songs. He continued on for over 10 minutes as I watched, feeling honored to be able to see this so up-close-and-personal.  He varied his song a bit, as well as his ensure all the airwaves around him were slathered with his melodious tune.  It was quite a show, and with the slight chilly spring breeze, he breast was puffed up to both show-off his colors and possibly stay just a bit warmer.

It is moments like these I remember how lucky I am to love nature and be able to get out into it, not only for work but in my free time.  It makes the less-fun portions of the day seem worthwhile and inspires me to continue in whatever path I'm on.  So, I say "Thank You, Mr. Meadowlark."  And remind everyone to get outside. Take a walk, enjoy a bike ride or a hike, listen for the frogs or the birds or the whisper of the wind.  I can bet you that nature will make it worth your time.

- JasonWestern Meadowlark

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Jane's Gravatar We're coming to Bear River next week for our first visit. What do you think we might see? I like to photograph the birds.
# Posted By Jane | 3/19/11 9:47 PM
Jason's Gravatar Jane - you should see LOTS - esepcially waterfowl, our specialty here on the Refuge. Almost every species of waterfowl is here now - from Tundra swans to Ruddy ducks - in large numbers. And, the early spring migrants are arriving as well, like American avocets, Yellow-headed blackbirds, Greater yellowlegs, Tree swallows and Savannah sparrows. For more info - check out our Trail Tracker on the website for real-time bird sightings. Enjoy your visit!
# Posted By Jason | 3/22/11 10:08 AM
Jane's Gravatar Jason, you were right. We saw many, many water birds. That was thrilling for me, because in our part of Montana they are not birds we see often. We saw trumpeter swans, American Pelicans, Northern pintails, Buffleheads, Norther Shovelers, American Avocets, one Meadowlark singing his heart out, American Coots, Canada Geese, etc. Also readtail hawk, Northern Harriers, etc. The rain and snow finally drove us back to Montana, but we'll be back soon. What a great place for birding!
# Posted By Jane | 3/25/11 10:28 PM