bearriver Blog: Which Finch

Which Finch

Just a quick blurb to highlight something that made me chortle a bit.  Yesterday, while walking by our feeder station at the Refuge...the one little tree (invasive Russian olive - we know - we have plans!) it looked as it usually did. Almost like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree - all twigs n bare branches - but covered with little feathered ornaments...about 30 of 'em.  Usually - they're brown 'n' striped and some are rosy-headed.  BUT...I did a double take.  While 95% of the time the tree is filled with House finches...for some was all American goldfinches.  I just thought it adorable and interesting...that one morning - though at first glance - all looked the same, it wasn't.  Just goes to show you...don't take anything for granted and always look twice, or even thrice!

 - Jason

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