bearriver Blog: "killy, killy, killy, killy!"

"killy, killy, killy, killy!"

(thought i'd try something a little different today...and write from the point of view of one of our local feathered friends...see if you can guess what species I am?!)

"Brrr, brrrr, brrr...brrrrrrrrr!   Man, is it chilly out here today...but gotta keep warm. Gotta find food...gotta keep warm. Zoooom...i zip and zag and perch atop this big crazy building in my favorite territory...ever watching for food, food and food.  I love this spot.  I can see two areas where the silly finchies and other LBJ's try to get at some of that free food (why do they get free food and not me?) that the two-legged tall thingies go in-and-out of all the time.  Nuthin' better than a good lil finchie for breakfast, brunch or lunch..well, except maybe a vole. Vole's one of my favorites."

"Killy,killy, killy, killy!  Get outta my spot, Mrs. harrier....I was here first!  I'm fierce and fiesty and festival colored so look out.  But, oh well - she's a lot bigger than I am so maybe i'll flap on over to the tall-pole above the place with cats and dogs and chickens.  They have good food around there, too...lots o' starlin's and micees. Mmmmmmm, miceees. Oo, and there's one now...I can see your little trail, little mouseee, with my amazing eyes.  I don't even have to see you, just where you've used the it glows like a nightlite.  Up I go - hover....hover....hover.....and DIVE!  Swooping down almost unseen - a blur of pinks and blues and then back back back....Aaaahhh.  LUNCH!!!"

(Do you know who I am?  I'm seen at the Refuge daily...some come visit and see me in person.)

 - Jason St. Sauver as an ____________?

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Susan's Gravatar kestral
# Posted By Susan | 2/3/11 12:38 PM
Jason's Gravatar Right on...although I prefer to spell it Kestrel.
# Posted By Jason | 2/3/11 6:04 PM