bearriver Blog: Some B's of Birding

Some B's of Birding

Saturday, Feb. 26, 2011

Today was a Beautiful and interesting day for Birding on the refuge.  First off - we had a lovely, mature Bald eagle on the fence post just south of the Wildlife Education Center that preceded to sit there and show off for most of the morning.  Later, our resident Barn owl was seen hunting above the wetlands for some Brunch.  These two B birds had a clash later in the afternoon - either for territory or possibly because the Bigger Bald eagle wanted the Barn owl for lunch.

Then - later in the day - a sure sign of the Beginning of spring (and there have been many, despite the recent snow)  was the appearance of the first Sandhill crane of the season - feeding in a nearby field with some Canada geese. Now, neither, I know, start with B ...But Both were Browsing on the available feed.

All in all - even in this harsh weather - the Bounty of the Bear River Bird refuge is obvious...and it's Beauty and magnificent Birds can't BE BEAT!

 - Jason

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