bearriver Blog: Swans-a-sweeping


Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2011

The weekly swan survey from the Utah DWR came out this week - and the numbers are starting to dwindle.  The amazing and vociferous Tundra swans are slowing spreading out and heading south to warmer climes as the waters of northern Utah begin to freeze over.  At one point we held at or above 40,000 swans on the Refuge or nearby wetlands.  They return each year to rest and feed in the deep waters of the Refuge's Unit one and surrounding waters filled with nutrious vegatation such as sago pondweed.  Having the large expanse of healthy habitat certainly draws the flocks in and keeps them coming back.  And, while they are starting to leave for the winter, they will surely be back again as the ice starts to open up in March - so if you've missed seeing and hearing these white wonders, make sure to visit us (or other areas around the state like Salt Creek or Farmington Bay) on Utah's TUNDRA SWAN DAY - Saturday, March 10, 2012! 

Swans were also in the headlines in the SL Tribune this week:

Happy Birding


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