bearriver Blog: Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrding!


Nov. 17, 2011

Today was a fun day for many reasons - but it was also a chilly day.  When you're outside in the winter elements, it's always challenging to stand still or not shiver and shake your binocs.  And, the feeling of vertigo it can cause when you are shivering and trying to spot ducks in the distance can be rather strange.  But - that said  - it is rather fun to "brrrrrrrd" in the cold when you're lucky to be a Park Ranger teaching environmental ed. to visiting school kids.  Our friends from Venture Academy where here today and got to build Wood duck boxes for WOW (Wild about Wood Ducks) and then toured our Auto Loop to compare the bird species to their last visit back in August.  Seeing the rosy-cheeked faces grin in amazement at the thousands of swans, or at the cooperative flock of adorable Horned larks, is quite a special treat that I highly recommend to anyone. Watching the young eyes pop in pride and identifying correctly their first avocet or northern harrier is quite a booster to one's day. 

Thanks again to Venture for visiting.

 - Jason

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