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Thursday, October 6, 2011

With a temperature change of almost 40 degrees in a day (from 80s to low 40s) and wind and has Fall come in with a cold shoulder!  And with it,  many birds have high-tailed (all pun intended) it outta here.  This morning the remaining barn swallows looked very cold and angry at the turn of events - or at their friends for convicing them to stay late into the season.  But, this weather also means that many other birds will start to arrive to the Refuge in large numbers.  Most waterfowl has already been seen in LARGE numbers this year - due to good water conditions - and other later species such as Scaup, Goldeneye and Bufflehead cannot be far behind.  Also - a priority and premiere species for the Refuge, Tundra swans are expected any day keep your eyes and ears open for the big white flocks of cacophonous Cygnus columbianus.

A few other later year arrivals to watch for:  American pipits are moving through along road and wetland edges, rails and soras are "talking" about leaving, and Rough-legged hawks should be replacing our summer Swainson's.

Enjoy the birding - but bundle up!


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Jacquie's Gravatar What a difference a few days make. My husband and I went on the motor tour today 10-10. While it was not balmy it wasn't windy which causes the birds to be down. So many birds and so little time. Best was the Northern Harrier and Sandhill Cranes. We live in Indiana where there is a (Jasper County) park where thousands stop off for the Spring Migration (Sandhills). What a ruckus!
We did not see Rails or Soras but Avocet and perhaps a Curlew tho not positive. There were several Pheasants ( immature), Ibis and the white Pelicans.
Swallows by the thousands...I do believe we sighted all but the Tree Swallow. People were going by so fast on the road and killing them. They were eating or trying to get warm or both on the road.
We are back on the road in our RV to return home but I really enjoyed our morning..
# Posted By Jacquie | 10/10/11 6:12 PM