bearriver Blog: foggy ' n ' frosty Friday

foggy ' n ' frosty Friday

Well - I guess every day at Bear River MBR can't be the BEST birding day.  With the foggy and frosty weather today...not too many birds seen around the Education Center except the lil House and Gold-finches who sit lil holiday ornaments on the one lil tree by our feeding station.  Sit, that is, until our local Kestrel friend decides to stir them up.

So - instead of blabbing and blogging about nothing - I just decided it was a good day to post a pic of one of our friends from this past summer...who we hope to see again when spring returns.  I like to call him "Senator Swainson" as I think he looks stately. 

Swainson's hawk

Here's to warmer winds when the magic of migration is magnified all around us. 


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