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Super Cub on sand bar, Knick River, Alaska
Ice pack in June, Ungava Bay

Super Cub on a frozen lake. Yukon Flats NWR, Alaska

Telemetry mission, Colorado River, Western Grand Canyon
Rock Creek Fire, Charles M. Russell NWR, Montana
Two amphibs heading out on surveys, Manteo, North Carolina
Geese banding, Selawik NWR, AK
A Super Cub hauling a canoe over Nowitna NWR, Alaska

Refueling out of barrels at Inukjauak, Quebec.

A Super Cub supports fisheries, wildlife, and law enforcement working in the Kovukuk/Nowitna NWRs. Alaska
Ungava Canada Geese Breeding Pair Survey in Northern Quebec. Bill Harvey, Maryland DNR, Jean Rodrique, CWS, and John Bidwell, USFWS. Partanvia aircraft N766.

Kuujjuaq, Quebec























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