Looking out on Bristol Bay Coast, AK

Beach ops at Chagvan Bay , AK
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Maybe downhill works better, Puale Bat, Alaska

The fleet at Togiak Refuge Alaska









C-185 on skis tracking the Moose somewhere, AK

Gravel bar landing Kanektok River , AK






A summers day in a C-185 Togiak, NWR, AK

Winter visit to Cape Peirce, AK in a PA-18


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February survey, refueling in Managua, Nicaragua,

P68 in Arecibo, Puerto Rico

C-206 on ramp in Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico

Active volcano north of Managua, Nicaragua







You guess, is Ray Bentley looking for ducks or trying to get out?     

Gourmet lunch on the ramp in Navassay, Haiti


C-206 amphib coming in for landing