Ski clinic, Innoko NWR, AK

C-185 moored at Skilak Lake, Kenai NWR, AK
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Trying to warm this puppy up Innoko NWR, Alaska

Counting eggs at Koyukuk, NWF, AK









C-185 on skis,Jatahamund Lake, Tetlin NWR, AK

C-185 on skis, Jatahamund Lake, Tetlin NWR, AK






A long way from nowhere, somewhere over Alaska

C-185 getting ready to leave, Skilak Lake, AK


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Just another day in paradice, Arctic NWR, AK

Gail Norton and others

Found Bush Hawk, A cold day in ...., Arctic, AK

That's about as high as the sun gets in the Arctic, AK







Maybe I'll have better luck if I turn into the wind

I think I can, I think I can, C-185 on Skis, Arctic, Alaska


Headed home, somewhere over Alaska