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Endangered Species Coordination / Guidance

The following documents can be used to help assess the potential for endangered and threatened species and guidance under the Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act for each HUC 10 watershed in Georgia.

Each document only addresses species found within the state of Georgia. For watersheds that cross the state boundary, please contact the corresponding state's FWS field office and Department of Natural Resources (or their equivalent). Please note that these documents do not replace any requirements for consultation under Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act.

These guidance documents will be updated periodically to reflect the current conditions (i.e. to reflect range changes or recommendations for a specific watershed). The date the document was made available on our website is stamped on the bottom of each document. As written in 50 CFR § 402.16 of the Endangered Species Act, obligations under the Act must be reconsidered if a new species is listed or critical habitat is determined that may be affected by the project, or new information indicates that the project may affect listed species or critical habitat in a manner not previously considered. We will continue to update these documents to help project proponents meet their obligations under the Endangered Species Act.

Please contact our office if you have any specific questions related to a project. For transportation projects, please use the map and list of contacts found at transportation projects contact list. For other project types, please use the other projects map and contact list to determine which office to send your request or use our staff contact list.

Find a HUC 10 watershed by county

Find a HUC 10 watershed by major watershed

Use a map to find a HUC 10 watershed (UPDATED!)

What is a HUC 10? Throughout the nation each watershed is assigned a unique hydrologic unit code (HUC) as a way to classify and create a hierarchy of watersheds. All of the drainages and watershed are nested from the largest (region) to the smallest (cataloging unit). Most of Georgia falls within region 03 which is the South Atlantic-Gulf. There is a small northern portion of the state that falls in the Tennessee region (06). As the drainages get smaller, they are nested within the larger unit, adding 2-digits to their parent drainage basin. For an example specific to Georgia:

Subregion 0307 -- Altamaha - St. Marys
Accounting Unit 030701 -- Altamaha
Cataloging Units 03070101 -- Upper Oconee. Georgia

More information about HUCs can be found at USGS's HUC wesbite.




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