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Threatened and Endangered Species

Cherokee darter. Credit: USFWS

Cherokee darter. Credit: USFWS

Georgia provides habitat for 62 species for plants and animals protected under the federal Endangered Species Act. The state of Georgia has its own lists of plants and animals that are considered to be threatened or endangered. These species including the ones listed below can also be protected under state law.

Listings of endangered species including their status, range and habitat.

For county lists of endangered species or to find out what species might occur in your project area, please visit our automated Information, Planning and Conservation System here: IPaC

The Endangered Species Program page at the national USFWS website puts you in contact with service-wide information, links, and news regarding threatened and endangered species.

Green sea turtle. Credit: USFWS

Green sea turtle. Credit: USFWS

The Environmental Conservation Online System or ECOS is a select set of national U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service databases and applications. ECOS provides s a central access point for data integration, queries, reports, summaries, data editing, spatial analysis tools, map generation and data export.

Glossary of definitions relating to the Endangered Species Act.


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Last updated: March 30, 2015