Georgia Ecological Services Field Offices
Southeast Region
Map of the Southeast Region

Activity Highlights

Junior Duck Stamp logo. Credit: USFWS

Junior Duck Stamp logo. Credit: USFWS

  • Since 1999, GAES has hosted the Federal Junior Duck Stamp Art Contest and the Georgia Junior Duck Stamp Program for school age children. The program has proved to be a great outreach opportunity with over 700 student artists competing annually.

  • GAES is successfully working with private landowners and organizations to promote the restoration of longleaf pine ecosystems.

  • For the past three years, GAES has hosted the Upper Coosa Basin Aquatics Summit. The Summit aids GAES in better protecting and conserving the Upper Coosa River Basin.

  • GAES closely worked with local and state agencies, nonprofit organizations, and utility companies to finalize the Robust Redhorse, Maxostoma robustum, Candidate Conservation Agreement with Assurances.
  • Robust Redhourse. Credit: USFWS

    Robust Redhourse. Credit: USFWS

  • GAES assisted in collection of specimens and provided contaminant expertise on projects such as LCP Chemicals.

  • Build partnerships with landowners and local communities along the Lower Altamaha River to protect and restore the valuable wetland resources of the area.

Last updated: March 30, 2015