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The Arkansas Field Office was established in 1998 as an Ecological Services (ES) Field Office for the state of Arkansas. We provide assistance and services to the state, other federal agencies, and the public in accordance with our conservation mission, policies, federal regulations, and laws.

Our staff is currently comprised of 14 individuals, including 9 biologists, 3 support staff, a USFWS law enforcement officer, a student biologist, and volunteers all working toward a common goal. They are passionate and dedicated to the conservation of natural resources by seeking out innovative solutions through teamwork and partnerships, and endeavor to protect the Arkansas species and habitats we all value.

In addition to our main office in Conway, we have an Arkansas Delta Sub-office co-located with the Cache River National Wildlife Refuge near Augusta. Together we cooperate to meet every challenge, and individually we stand in steadfast determination to honor our oaths, service, and commitment.


Arkansas Field Office
110 S. Amity Road
Suite 300
Conway, AR 72032

501/513 4470 (v)
501/513 4480 (f)

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