Missouri Bladderpod

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Missouri Bladderpod (Physaria filiformis)
Status: Threatened
Listed: Endangered January 8, 1987; downlisted to Threatened on October 15, 2003.

For more information on Missouri Bladderpod, contact Rebecca Peak at rebecca_peak@fws.gov or 501-513-4475

Species Information:
Missouri bladderpod is a small annual plant, between 4-8 inches tall, with many slender stems that grow from a cluster of leaves at the base. The stems and leaves are covered in tiny hairs that give the plant a silvery color. Missouri bladderpod blooms from April to May, with clusters of yellow flowers at the top of the stems. Seeds germinate in the fall and overwinter as tiny rosettes, which look like clusters of leaves on the ground.

Habitat Summary:
The natural habitat of the Missouri bladderpod is primarily open limestone, dolomite, and shale glades (naturally dry, treeless areas with shallow, loose soil and large stretches of exposed rock).

Why is it Threatened?
The natural glade habitat of the Missouri bladderpod is threatened by human development, overgrazing, and the encroachment of woody plants and non-native grasses. The Missouri bladderpod cannot compete with other plants and relies on natural disturbances such as fire to keep the glades open of trees and shrubs. With the agressive control of wildfires, many glades were overgrown and the Missouri bladderpod populations exterpated.

Surveys after listing succeeded in finding many more existing populations, bringing the number of known sites with Missouri bladderpod from 9 when originally listed to 70. Many agencies and conservation groups have also bought or protected land with existing populations.

Research into the ecology of Missouri bladderpod allowed researchers to develop fire management plans for the restoration and maintenance of glades that also benefit Missouri bladderpod populations.

Consultation Area in Arkansas (Potential Habitat):

Arkansas Field Office
110 S. Amity Road
Suite 300
Conway, AR 72032

501/513 4470 (v)
501/513 4480 (f)

Last Updated: October 17, 2018

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