Ouachita Rock-pocketbook

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View the 2004 Ouachita Rock-pocketbook Recovery Plan.

Ouachita Rock-pocketbook (Arcidens wheeleri)
Status: Endangered
October 23, 1991

For questions regarding the Ouachita Rock-pocketbook, please contact Chris Davidson at chris_davidson@fws.gov or 501-513-4481.

Species Facts:
The shell of the Ouachita rock pocketbook is rounded and brown or black, with an iridescent sheen. The only confirmed reproducing population left in Arkansas occurs in an 88 mile stretch of the Little River, although the species is extremely rare (less than 100 individuals).The total population size of the species is estimated at less than 2000 individuals. It generally occurs within large mussel beds containing a diversity of mussel species.

Habitat Summary:
The Ouachita rock-pocketbook inhabits pools, backwaters, and side channels in the Little River and its larger tributaries in southeast Oklahoma and southwest Arkansas and Ouachita River in Arkansas. The species occupies stable substrates containing gravel, sand, and other materials.

Why is it Endangered?
As with other mussels, their decline most likely stems from the building of reservoirs and other habitat alterations as well as increasing pollution.

View the 2004 Ouachita Rock-pocketbook Recovery Plan.

Range in Arkansas:

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