Alligator Gar
(Atractosteus spatula)

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  • Nicholls State University - Alabama - Status Assessment - Alligator Gar Status Assessment, Life History, Reproduction, Age and Growth.

  • Auburn Univsersity - Alabama - Alligator gar life history, conservation status, management, age and growth.
  • Warm Springs National Fish Hatchery - Genetics, rearing, reproduction, stocking support and assistance.


  • University of Central Arkansas - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Alligator Gar Status Assessment, Life History, Reproduction, and Habitat Use in Arkansas.

  • Layher BioLogics RTEC, Inc. - Arkansas Game & Fish Commission - Literature Survey, Status in States of Historic Occurrence, and Field Investigations into the Life History of Alligator Gar in the Ouachita River, Arkansas
  • Arkansas Game & Fish Commission - White River Alligator Gar Status Assessment


  • Louisiana State University - U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Fisheries Resource and Conservation Office - Alligator Gar life history, characteristics, reproduction, age and growth.

  • Nicholls State University - Alligator gar age and growth, life history, status, aquaculture, toxicity, fish health.


  • Mississippi Department of Fish & Wildlife - Status Assessment and surveys.

  • Tupelo National Fish Hatchery - St. Catherines Creek National Wildlife Refuge - Spawning, reproduction, stocking support and assistance.
  • University of Southern Mississippi - Population genetics, telemetry and physiology studies.


  • Missouri Department of Conservation - Mingo National Wildlife Refuge


  • Oklahoma State University - Distribution, abundance, movements, habitats and population characteristics of the alligator gar in the Red and Arkansas River drainages in Oklahoma.


  • Tennesse Wildlife Resources Agency - Alligator Gar stocking, restoration, and management planning.


  • Texas Parks and Wildlife Department -Trinitiy River - Alligator Gar Telemetry, Status Assessment, Life History, Reproduction, Habitat Use.

  • Texas Parks and Wildlife Department - Statewide status assessment and managment plan development.


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