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Funding Resources

We have several local and regional Service funding sources available to our partners for restoration projects. From developing estuarine restoration plans to restoring riparian corridors, we work with our partners to determine the proper funding source and help to develop a successful project.

Our Restoration staff oversees and manages two local funding programs. We work closely with local partners to develop partnerships and projects that address landscape-level restoration objectives. All funding determinations are made by Arcata Restoration staff.

Local Funding Programs:

Madriver Slough
Photo Credit: AFWO Restoration Program

A program focused on identification of important coastal resource problems and solutions, along with implementation of on-the-ground conservation projects in high priority coastal areas.

Cost-sharing and technical assistance for on-the-ground habitat restoration projects on private and tribal lands.


Other funding programs:

  1. National Fish Passage Program
  2. National Coastal Wetland Grants
  3. Tribal Landowner Incentives Program
  4. Tribal Wildlife Grants Program
  5. Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act.
  6. North American Waterfowl Conservation Act
  7. Pacific Coast Joint Venture


Dunlins at the shoreline
Photo Credit: AFWO Restoration Program
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Last updated: April 16, 2015