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The Arcata Habitat Restoration Program is comprised of staff with expertise in habitat restoration and conservation that work together with local entities and landowners to identify, restore, and protect valuable native habitats along the north coast of California. We work closely with our partners to develop and design projects, provide technical assistance, and secure funding. We use several local Service funding programs to implement smaller restoration projects or as cost-share on larger projects.

  Funding Resources Link   Funding Resources  

With several local and regional U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service funding opportunities available for habitat restoration projects, we work with our partners to determine the proper funding source, develop a successful proposal, and create a work plan. ---> ENTER

  Technical Assistance Link   Technical Assistance  

Our Habitat Restoration Program team is available to provide assistance with developing and designing projects, writing proposals, meeting Federal regulatory requirements, and more! ---> ENTER

  Projects Link   Projects  

We have been funding and implementing habitat restoration projects since 1994, working from the shoreline to the mountains.---> ENTER

  Habitat Restoration Staff   Habitat Restoration Staff  

Our Restoration program has four full time staff: two wildlife biologists, a fish biologist, and a fluvial geomorphologist/engineer. Click here to learn more about our Restoration team.
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Last updated: April 16, 2015