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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Branch
Arcata Fish and Wildlife Office

Welcome to the Arcata Fish and Wildlife Office's Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Home Page. The Arcata FWO has been using GIS technology since 1995. GIS is in use within every program and many aspects of the work that the Fish and Wildlife Service does. Currently, GIS has been integrated into Arcata FWO programs including Endangered Species listing, consultation, and recovery, Fisheries, and Conservation Partnerships.

Our GIS staff provides support to assist biologists learning and using GIS. We also conduct more advanced analyses and solve GIS technical problems for our staff. We coordinate with other Federal and non-Federal agencies to obtain and share spatial data whenever possible. We also develop spatial data for a variety of purposes, including critical habitat, species locations, and monitoring of restoration effectiveness. We also maintain a complete suite of Global positioning System (GPS) equipment, from handheld dataloggers to surveying systems, used for field collection of spatial data.

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Last updated: April 16, 2015