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Water Quality Monitoring Program
Arcata Fish & Wildlife Office Fisheries Program

The Water Quality Monitoring Program is one of many efforts of the AFWO to provide scientific information about area river ecosystems. The need for water quality data stems from a variety of goals that improve our understanding of the connectivity of water quality to the aquatic habitat, fish health and flow management of river systems. Water quality monitoring provides empirical data to support modeling efforts, regulatory needs and natural resource decisions.

Klamath River Water Quality Monitoring
Klamath River Water Quality Monitoring
The Arcata Fish and Wildlife Office (AFWO) conducted comprehensive water quality investigations in the...MORE -->
Trinity River Temp. Monitoring/Modeling
Trinity River Temperature Monitoring/Modeling
Since inception of the Trinity River Restoration Program (TRRP) in 2000, the AFWO...MORE -->
Mattole River Water Quality Monitoring

Mattole River Water Quality Monitoring

In 2006, the AFWO partnered with the Mattole Salmon Group (MSG), to evaluate water...MORE -->
Quality Assurance/Quality Control
Quality Assurance/Quality Control
In order to collect data that consistently represents environmental conditions, it is important to develop a thorough protocol to obtain comparable data...MORE -->
Water Quality Monitoring Program Area:
Klamath River, Trinity River, and Mattole River Watersheds

Northern CA and Southern OR Water Quality Map

Last updated: April 16, 2015