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Section 7 Consultation
Arcata Fish & Wildlife Office, Endangered Species Program

One of the primary roles of the Ecological Services staff in the Arcata Fish and Wildlife Office includes consultation with other Federal agencies on their projects that may affect species listed under ESA.

Section 7(a)(2) of the Endangered Species Act specifies:

"Each Federal agency shall, in consultation with and with the assistance of the Secretary, insure that any action authorized, funded, or carried out by such not likely to jeopardize the continued existence of any endangered species or threatened species or result in the destruction or adverse modification of habitat of such species which is determined ... to be critical ... . In fulfilling the requirements of this paragraph each agency shall use the best scientific and commercial data available."

Through the section 7 consultation program, the Fish and Wildlife Service strives to meet the consultation needs of all Federal agencies. The Arcata Fish and Wildlife Office works with its local Federal partners to emphasize the identification and informal resolution of potential species conflicts in the early stages of project planning. We also provide information about listed, proposed, and candidate species and critical habitats to local Federal agencies planning projects, and applicants seeking Federal permits and licenses. The Service works with Federal agencies on any action that is federally funded, authorized, or carried out and that may affect a listed species or designated critical habitat. We advise the agencies and applicants on ways to avoid adversely impacting these species and habitats and, where appropriate, we provide incidental take statements that allow take of threatened or endangered species that is incidental to an otherwise lawful activity.

Federal agencies, or non-Federal entities doing work authorized, permitted, funded, or otherwise carried out by a Federal agency, should obtain a Species List as the first step in completing a section 7 consultation. Click here to access our on-line species list for determining whether there are listed species within an area of interest for the Arcata Fish and Wildlife Office jurisdiction

For additional information regarding section 7 consultation, please visit the Fish and Wildlife Service national web page at:



Last updated: April 16, 2015