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ANS Task Force National Meeting

May 24-26, 2006
ANS Task Force Meeting
Cape Codder Resort Hyannis, MA

Meeting Minutes (PDF, Size = 244 KB)
Meeting Summary
(PDF, Size= 244 KB)
Briefing Materials & Documents for Review
No. Agenda Item Documents
1. Adoption of Agenda
Approval of Minutes
Agenda for Spring ANSTF Meeting
Minutes from Fall 2005 Meeting (251 KB)
10/05 Action Item Status (16 KB)
2. ANSTF 2010 ANS Program (1994) (667 KB)
ANSTF Strategic Plan (2001) (252 KB)
3. Structure/Conduct of Future ANSTF Meetings Future ANSTF Meetings (49 KB)
4. State Management Plan (FY 2006)

State Management Plan Funding (69 KB)

5. Louisiana State Management Plan State Management Plan for AIS in Louisiana (2005)
(Large PDF 6 MB)
6. Connecticut State Management Plan --
7. Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers/Habitattitude -
State Pilots & Pet Amnesty

Pilot State ANS Communication Project (37 KB)
Pet Amnesty News Release (15 KB)
Pet Amnesty Flier (106 KB)

8. Control Committee Control / Management Committee (36 KB)
9. Asian Carp Management Plan Asian Carp Draft Plan (4 MB)
10. Caulerpa Management Plan Caulepra Control Plan (4.5 MB)
11. Nutria National Management Plan
Working Group
12. Green Crab Management Plan
Workshop Report
13. New Zealand Mudsnail Management Plan New Zealand Mudsnail Management &
Control Plan (Draft 4-06)
14. Pathways Working Group Report Pathways Ranking Guide ( 721KB)
15. AIS Database Summit AIS Database Summit Proceeding (72 KB)
16. Rapid Response to Invasive Species in Lake Champlain’s Interjurisdictional Waters
Rapid Response to Invasive Species in Lake Champlain’s Interjurisdictional Waters (10 KB)
17. Model Rapid Response Contingency Strategies --
18. Report to Congress 2005/2006 Annual Report Memo (60 KB)
Draft 2004 Report to Congress (3.5 MB)
19. Regional Panels
Great Lakes Panel I&E Priorities 2005 (248 KB)

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