ANS Task Force
National Meeting

November 3-4, 2010 in Arlington Virginia
Maine Holiday Inn - Arlington at Ballston
4610 N. Fairfax Drive
Arlington, Virginia 22203


Latest Draft Agenda
(Posted 10/28/2010)

The next ANSTF meeting will be in Arlington, Virginia, on November 3 and 4, 2010.

A block of rooms has been reserved for the nights of November 2 - 4. To book on line, please access the hotel's site at Select the dates when you would like to check in and check out. Enter the group code N36. The block has been reserved for the November per diem rate. Currently, this rate is $229 per day but is subject to change. If you would like to call the hotel to make your reservations, their number is 703-243-9800. Also, if you would like to arrive earlier or stay later than the dates blocked for the group, please contact Chutima Ung, Assistant of Director for Sales, at extension 7115, and she will assist you. The block of rooms will be closed on October 1.

Briefing Materials & Documents for Review
Listed by Agenda Item Numbers
  1. Self-introductions
  2. Adoption of Agenda/Approval of Minutes/Action Item Review
    1. Spring 2010 Meeting Minutes
  3. Update on Implementation of ANSTF-approved Plan:
    Mitten Crab - Ron Smith, USFWS
  4. Update on Implementation of ANSTF-approved Plan:
    Quagga/Zebra Mussel Action Plan (QZAP)
    - TBD
  5. Update on Implementation of ANSTF-approved Plan:
    - Susan Mangin, USFWS
  6. Update on Implementation of ANSTF-approved Plan:
    Asian Carp
    - Sam Finney, USFWS
  7. Asian Carp Eradication Update - Steve Shults, Illinois DNR
  8. Vessel General Permits
  9. Summary of International Symposium on Genetic Biocontrol
  10. Regulation Challenges of Genetic Biocontrol - Stephanie Showalter, Univ. Mississippi
  11. Wetlands Plant Database
  12. Invasive Species Risk Assessment and Planning - Dave Britton, USFWS
  13. Congressional Update and Contact Information - Katie Umekubo - USFWS
  14. ANSTF Strategic Plan - Anne Marie Eich, FWS/Susan Pasko, NOAA/Jeff Morisette, USGS)
  15. Risk Assessment Working Group Update - Cindy Kolar, USGS
  16. Research Protocol Update - Susan Pasko, NOAA
  17. Committee Structure
  18. Public Comment
  19. State Plan Approval
  20. Update Recreational Guidelines - Laura Norcutt, FWS
  21. Panel Updates
    • Mississippi River Basin Regional Panel Update
    • Mid-Atlantic Regional Panel Update
    • Western Regional Panel Update
    • Northeast Regional Panel Update
    • Gulf and South Atlantic Regional Panel Update - James Ballard
    • Great Lakes Regional Panel Update - Phil Moy
  22. Report on the Aquatic Invasive Species Vector Management Workshop - Jonathan McKnight, Maryland DNR
  23. International Issues: Mexican Invasive Species Legislation - Roberto Mendoz, Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León
  24. Chesapeake Bay Executive Order
  25. ANSTF Member Updates
  26. Public Comment
  27. Meeting Summary


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