ANS Task Force National Meeting

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
1315 East West Highway
Silver Spring, MD
Room 4527
November 4-5, 2009


Courtyard by Marriott Silver Spring Downtown
8506 Fenton Street
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Block: ANS Task Force (Although unlikely, if you are asked for a code, reply USFC.)

Directions from the Metro

Final Agenda

(Posted 11/2/2009)

Briefing Materials & Documents for Review
  1. Welcome/Housekeeping
  2. Adoption of Agenda/Approval of Minutes/Review Previous Action Items
    1. Spring 2009 (Bozeman, MT) Meeting Summary (136 KB PDF)
    2. Proposed Revised Research Protocol (159 KB PDF)
  3. Top Priorities of ANSTF Strategic Plan Priority Objectives and their relation to the NISC Management Plan
    1. Comparison of ANSTF and NISC Plans (30 KB PDF)
    2. Budget Needs Spreadsheet (16 KB PDF)
  4. Ballast Water Discussion
    1. Overview of EPA’s Vessel General Permit (61 KB PDF)
    2. USCG Ballast Water Discharge Standard (1.4 MB PDF)
  5. Panel Funding Needs
  6. Panel Updates
  7. National Center for Biological Invasions
    1. Why we need a National Center for Biological Invasions (18 KB PDF)
  8. Preliminary Overview of State ANS Plans
  9. National Invasive Species Awareness Week
    1. NISAW Summary (22.6 KB PDF)
  10. Recognition of ANTSF Support
  11. Public Comment
  12. Quagga/Zebra Mussel Action Plan (QZAP)
    1. WRP's Transmittal Letter (54 KB PDF)
    2. QZAP Document (800 KB PDF)
  13. State/Interstate ANS Management Plans
    1. Lake Tahoe
      1. Lake Tahoe Region AIS Management Plan (3.6 MB PDF)
      2. Lake Tahoe Presentation (3.6 MB PDF)
    2. Georgia
      1. Transmittal Letter (59 KB PDF)
      2. Georgia ANS Management Plan (1.1 MB PDF)
    3. South Carolina
      1. South Carolina ANS Management Plan (PDF offsite link)
    4. Minnesota
      1. Minnesota Draft ANS Management Plan (1.3 MB)
  14. Status of Asian Carp Management Plan and Triploid Grass Carp Inspection Certification Program
  15. Rapid Response
    1. Lake Champlain Basin Program Rapid Response Action Plan for AIS
      1. Presentation Questions for LCBP RR Plan (10 KB PDF)
    2. Rapid Response for Asian Carp
  16. AIS Introductions through School Activities
    1. School Pathways (110 KB PDF)
  17. Another New Pathway: Crane Test Water Weigh Bags
    1. Water Weigh Bags Presentation (2.3 MB PDF)
  18. Coordinated Interagency Giant Salvinia Control
    1. Background Info on IGSC (10 KB PDF)
  19. Committee Updates
  20. Member Updates
  21. Public Comment
  22. Meeting Summary

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