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ANS Task Force National Meeting

Arlington, VA
November 6-8, 2007
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
4401 North Fairfax Drive
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Draft Agenda (11/1/2007)
Meeting Minutes
Briefing Materials & Documents for Review
No. Agenda Item Documents
Tuesday, November 6
1. Introduction, Adoption of Agenda and Approval of Minutes
Meeting Summary from Spring 2007 (178 KB PDF)
2. Climate Change and Invasive Species

Warming and Invasion Risk in Alaska
Abstract (11 KB PDF)

Primer on Climate Change
Abstract (15 KB PDF)
PowerPoint Presentation (7.6 MB)

Potential Effects on Invasive Species Distributions
Abstract (10 KB PDF)

Effects on Aquatic Ecosystems
Abstract (11 KB PDF)
PowerPoint Presentation (1.1 MB)

3. Breakout Sessions
Wednesday, November 7
4. Committee Matters  
5. Experts Database Link to Experts Database
6. Regional Panel Issues/Recommendations Regional Panel Recommendations (41 KB PDF)
7. Asian Carp Management Plan

Bighead, Black, Grass, and Silver Carps Management and Control Plan
(Note: This is a very large file: 3.7 MB PDF)

Summary of Key Revisions (593 KB PDF)

8. Common Carp Management Common Carp Proposal for ANSTF Support
(10kb PDF
9. Nutria Management Plan

Nutria Working Group Minutes - 8/07 (55 KB DOC)
Nutria Management Plan Outline (71 KB DOC)

10. State Management Plans State Documents
Idaho State ANS Plan (3.4 MB PDF)
Rhode Island Draft ANS Plan (840 KB PDF)
California AIS Plan - Final Draft (2.4 MB PDF)
California AIS Plan Appendices (1 MB PDF)

ANS Task Force Documents
Developing and Revising Management Plans
Guidance for Management Plans

11. State Management Plan - FY-08 Allocation of Funds WRP Survey Summary (12 KB PDF)
Thursday, November 8


Ballast Water Management

NOAA Technical Memorandum GLERL-142 (Effectiveness of Ballast Water Exchange)
(Note: This is a very large file: 4.8 MB in PDF)

Identifying, Verifying, and Establishing Options for Best Management Practices for NOBOB Vessels (Note: This is a large file: 2.3 MB in PDF)

Shipboard Technology Evaluation Program
(off-site Link)


Response to Quagga Mussel Invasion  


Revisit Earlier Items  

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