ANS Task Force National Meeting

May 5-6, 2010 in Portland, Maine
Holiday Inn Hotel & Convention Center by the Bay
88 Spring Street
Portland, ME 04101
(207) 775-2311

The next ANSTF meeting will be in Portland, Maine, on May 5 and 6, 2010, with a field trip scheduled for the afternoon of May 4. The meeting will be held at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Convention Center by the Bay.

A block of rooms has been reserved from May 2 - 6 for $91/night plus tax (government per diem rate). This block will be released by the hotel on April 2. Reservations made after that date may still qualify for the group rate, but will be subject to availability.

You can make your reservations by calling 1-800-345-5050 or 1-207-775-2311 and identify the block name as ANS Task Force. Please note that check in time is after 4:00 and check out time is at noon.


Latest Draft Agenda
(Posted 4/28/2010)

Briefing Materials & Documents for Review
Numbers are Agenda Item Numbers
  1. Self-introductions
  2. Adoption of Agenda/Approval of Minutes/Review of Previous Action Items
    ANSTF Meeting Minutes from November 2009
  3. Informational: Role of Invasive Species in Shifting Benthic Community Composition in the Gulf of Maine
    (Larry Harris, University of New Hampshire)
  4. Informational: The Spread of the Invasive Tunicate Didemnum vexillum on the Georges Bank Fishing Ground off New England
    (Page Valentine, USGS)
    Research update on the invasive colonial tunicate Didemnum vexillum
  5. Informational: On-line ANS ID Guide
    (Leslie Matthew, Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation)
    (Karen Hahnel, Maine Department of Environmental Protection)
    ANS On-Line Guide Update
  6. Informational: Spotlight on Species Canadian Risk Assessment
    (Becky Cudmore and Nicholas Mandrak, Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada)
    Centre of Expertise for Aquatic Risk Assessment
  7. Informational: Update on Risk Assessment Working Group
    (Cindy Kolar, USGS)
  8. Informational - Measuring the Effectiveness of Outreach Campaigns
    (Jason Goeckler, Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks and Joe Starinchak, FWS)

    Federal Outreach Campaigns
    Kansas Wildlife and Parks Department
  9. Update of the Management Assessment for Invasive Species
    (Sam Chan, Oregon State University)
    Preliminary Findings from Oregonís Statewide Invasive Species Management Assessment
  10. Decisional: Regional Panel Roles
    (Jonathan McKnight, MD Department of Natural Resources)
  11. Decisional:  Regional Panel Updates
    1. Gulf and Atlantic States Regional Panel
      (James Ballard, Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission)
    2. Great Lakes Panel
      (Kathe Glassner-Shwayder, Great Lakes Commission)
    3. Mid-Atlantic Panel
      (Jonathan McKnight, Maryland Department of Natural Resources)
    4. Northeast Panel
      (Jan Smith, Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management)
    5. Western Regional Panel
      (Eileen Ryce, Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks)
    6. Mississippi River Basin Panel
      (Jason Goeckler, Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks
  12. Informational - QZAP Update
    (Susan Mangin, FWS/ANSTF Members)
  13. Public Comment
  14. Decisional: Expanding ANSTF Membership
    (Anne Marie Eich/Sea Grant Fellow)
    Partnership with the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology?
  15. Decisional: Boy and Girl Scouts of America/ANSTF Partnership Development
    (Anne Marie Eich, Sea Grant Fellow)
    Partnerships with Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America?
  16. Informational: Success of Citizen Scientist Efforts
    (Linda Shaw, NMFS; Adrienne Pappal, Mass. Office of Coastal Zone Management;Roberta Hill, Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program)
    1. Overview of Alaska State-wide citizen science monitoring efforts
    2. Marine Invader Monitoring and Information Collaborative
    3. Maine’s Invasive Plant Patrol Program
  17. Decisional: Re-energizing the ANSTF Committees
    (Susan Mangin, FWS and Committee Members)
  18. Decisional: National ANS Hotline
    (Dave Britton, FWS)
    ANS Hotline: 1-877-STOP-ANS
  19. Informational: Asian Carp Update
    (Steve Shults, Illinois Department of Natural Resources; Mike Hoff, FWS)
    Operation Silver Screen: Rapid Response Preparedness
    Asian Carp Control Strategy Draft Framework
  20. Informational: Rapid Response in Border Waters
    (tentatively Mark Burrows, IJC)
  21. Informational: Commission for Environmental Cooperation Invasive Species Projects: Gulf of Maine and Rio Brave/Laguna Madre, Mexico/U.S. Border
    (Tom Hammond, Commission for Environmental Cooperation)
    Commission for Environmental Cooperation Update
  22. Informational: Discussion of Recommendation from NISAW
    (Kim Bogenschutz, IA Dept. of Natural Resources and Peg Brady, NOAA)
    National Invasive Species Awareness Week 2010
  23. Informational: ANSTF Member Updates (5 minutes each)
  24. Public Comment
  25. Meeting Summary


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